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Introducing New Case Sizes and Clipstrips from The Original Black Garlic

We’ve some exciting new offerings for our customers and customers to be 😊 To address the issue of space, we’re introducing new case sizes for our 50g peeled clove product (10 units) and 1 bulb boxes (8 units).

We’re also introducing a new format for retail customers - Clipstrips! These stylish strips are filled with ideas to use Black Garlic, the world's most delicious, luxurious, flavoursome, umami deep, diverse ingredient there is! We’re hoping these eye-catching displays will attract your customers' attention to the wonders of OBG 😊.

All of these new products are available now.

If your NPD team are looking for a compelling and versatile flavour, guaranteed to shine in so many settings, don't hesitate to get in touch for a sample of our peeled cloves, bulbs or paste email

Click to find out more about wholesale.

The Original Black Garlic - made with love 🖤

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