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Why black garlic is an indispensable part of meat free living

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Black garlic gives so many exciting ways to enhance your home meat free cuisine, as well as the added benefit of your physical resistance to disease. Think of it as your third seasoning; salt-pepper-black garlic and add it to dishes for the richness that it is sometimes hard to achieve without the fatty and saltiness of meat. As well as carrying its own umami taste it deepens the flavour of your other ingredients adding depth and piquancy to vegan, vegetarian meals.

Black garlic is produced by ageing regular garlic bulbs over weeks under carefully controlled conditions, with stringent adherence to specific humidity and temperature requirements in order to achieve its heady, delicious, treacle-like texture. This process results in the generation of twice the amount of antioxidants than you’ll find in the conventional version of garlic. Less pungent than its raw white counterpart, black garlic has absolutely no after smell or after taste.

Black garlic cloves can also been eaten as a snack, eating just two to three cloves per day make the difference between a compromised immune system and a robust one. In this day and age, why take the chance of not doing all you can to build your body’s resistant to infection and disease.

It is as soft as a jelly baby and almost as sweet! This means children are happy to consider it as a between-meals treat without realising they are actually eating a tasty snack that is actively assisting the strength of their immune system and exponentially building their resistance to disease and infection.

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