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Try our new Black Garlic Flavour Bomb!

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Try the latest addition to the Original Black Garlic range. Our black garlic is now in an innovative NEW handy sachets contain a single 30ml serve of our flavour bomb paste for maximum impact to your meal with no fuss! Designed to suit your busy lifestyle, it gives you a quick and easy way to get our delicious sweet and savoury taste.

It's perfect for use in soups and sauces or add a dollop (or two) to your chilli and bolognese to boost the richness of your flavours. Or why not introduce some new flavour into butters, dips, marinade and stocks, be as creative as you want - that's what we love so much about black garlic. For more recipes with black garlic click here. To make our new convenient sachet, the magic happens here in the UK, expertly aging white garlic to produce our rich and sticky black garlic paste, chefs and home cooks are really enthusiastic about the unique savoury edge. With all our products there is nothing added and no after smell guaranteed. Click here to order and try for yourself.

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