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Channel 4 unwraps Black Garlic health and anti-ageing benefits

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped programme unveiled new research about Black Garlic’s health and anti-ageing benefits last week as part of its New Year Health Kick special

With ‘eating healthier’ accounting for 43% of New Year’s resolutions last year, Black Garlic is a top tip for boosting youth, whilst packing a punch of umami flavour, for anyone looking for healthy eating hacks in 2023.

The show unveiled research carried out by scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU), which suggests that Black Garlic may help to prevent the decline of kidney and blood vessel function, along with neuro-degenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s. Preliminary results of the research showed that Black Garlic may also help slow the signs of ageing too!

Presenter, John Whaite, learned how early studies have shown that Black Garlic inhibits glycation, the spontaneous reaction of sugars and proteins in the food we eat, which is implicated in a variety of diseases and in ageing. The show highlighted how Black Garlic has shown even more promising results than conventional white garlic in lab tests, with research still ongoing.

During the Food Unwrapped show, presenter, Kate Quilton, visited our production facility and tried The Original Black Garlic for the first time and loved the sweet balsamic flavour. She also learned how we take premium white garlic and transform it with a unique combination of heat, humidity and time.

Our founder and CEO, Katy Heath, commented: “Black Garlic is not only an umami flavour bomb in the kitchen, but is also widely recognised for a multitude of health benefits, which are rapidly helping it to gain a wide fan base as a superfood.

Black Garlic’s health benefits are directly linked to its antioxidant profile – at least twice that of white garlic – which reduces harmful free radicals and helps protect cells from disease. Antioxidants can help reduce inflammation within the body, which is associated with chronic disease, and research shows that Black Garlic’s high antioxidant levels may help maintain good heart and brain function, lower cholesterol, improve circulation, and protect the immune system. It all adds up to an ingredient that transforms the flavour of all kinds of dishes, as well as doubling as a tasty real-food supplement.”

Katy adds: “People want to be able to make exciting and flavoursome meals at home, discover new ingredients, and make choices that boost their health. The latest research indicates that Black Garlic may offer all of this, and help to reduce the signs of ageing too – no wonder it is such an on trend ingredient for restaurants, food manufacturers and home cooks alike!”

For stockist click here and If you want exciting ways to try our Black Garlic cloves and paste, try one of our recipes.

Images from Channel 4 and Ricochet Ltd.

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