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The Original Black Garlic range is certified vegan!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

We're proud to announce the fantastic news that our entire range is now certified vegan by the Vegan Society, meaning it's free from animal ingredients and not tested on animals.

Going vegan is a great opportunity to learn more about nutrition and cooking, and improve your diet. Getting your nutrients from plant foods allows more room in your diet for health-promoting options like whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds and vegetables, which are packed full of beneficial fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Black garlic gives so many exciting ways to enhance your home meat free cuisine, as well as the added benefit of your physical resistance to disease. Think of it as your third seasoning; salt-pepper-black garlic and add it to dishes for the richness that it is sometimes hard to achieve without the fatty and saltiness of meat. As well as carrying its own umami taste it deepens the flavour of your other ingredients adding depth and piquancy to vegan meals.

The Vegan Society, the world’s first, is an educational membership charity that promotes and supports people to adopt a vegan lifestyle. The Vegan Society was formed in 1944, by a group of vegetarians who recognised the ethical compromises of eating eggs and dairy products.

The Trademark helps people identify a product that is free-from animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals.

If you have any questions about our certified products or the Vegan Trademark, feel free to contact us at any time, we are happy to help you out.

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