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15 top tips for easy ways to bring black garlic into your kitchen

Although it has a totally unique taste, there’s a huge range of ways black garlic can be used for.

Here's our 15 top tips for easy ways to bring black garlic into your kitchen:

  1. Mash some cloves with some soy sauce and chilli for an alternative stir-fry sauce.

  2. Combine cloves with cream cheese and herbs for a tasty dip.

  3. Puree some cloves with oil to create a paste then smear onto chicken or fish before roasting.

  4. Add some cloves to Bolognese or Chilli to enhance flavours.

  5. Mash a few cloves into a meatball mixture.

  6. Slice thinly and use to top salads.

  7. Add to cheese on toast for a special twist.

  8. Dip into melted dark chocolate for a sweet taste sensation (try it with some Green & Blacks 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate, available in the Gousto Marketplace).

  9. Blend some cloves with mayo and serve with burgers or chips.

  10. Add a few cloves into macaroni cheese or cauliflower cheese.

  11. Pair with cheese such as on a cheeseboard replacing chutney with black garlic.

  12. Add a sprinkle of water to cloves and blend with a good quality olive oil for an alternative salad dressing.

  13. Mix crushed cloves into a homemade tomato sauce and use with pasta or spread as a sauce base on a pizza.

  14. Pop the delicious cloves straight in your mouth!

  15. Use it in your own culinary experiments…let us know how you like to use black garlic in the comments section below!

Discover more exciting ways to use black garlic here.

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