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How to create the perfect cheese board

Cheese boards and charcuterie platters are becoming more and more popular, quick and easy to prepare and a real crowd-pleaser. Perfect for parties, entertaining or just a cosy night in, you can't fail to make a delicious centre piece.

For us it's all about taking these amazing flavours and tastes that you love and enhancing them with our Original Black Garlic. Black garlic is an incredible flavour bomb and with cheese, it's a match made in food heaven!

If you haven’t tried them together, now is the perfect chance!

You will need

  • An eye-catching board Go for square, rectangular, or round to suit your preference. Try slate or wood, but if your don't have those, you can use a plate or a cutting board.

  • Cheese Variety is important, try lots of different textures and flavours.

  • Meats Prosciutto, salami, chorizo, the choice is yours.

  • The magic Black garlic, our whole bulbs look as good as they taste and they will certainly get your cheeseboard noticed! For convenience our peeled cloves can be eaten whole or sliced.

  • Breads Fresh bread, bread sticks, and a variety of crackers.

  • Garnishes This is the time to get really creative with pickles and dips, fruit and fresh herbs.

Now to ensemble your creation, look at different heights, and balancing the items out across the board.


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