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pressed picnic sandwich with black garlic mayo

creamy black garlic mayo, so rich and so complementary to many traditional sandwich fillers like cheese, ham, bacon, turkey or egg.


  • ½ cup (about 120g) mayonnaise

  • 20g Black Garlic cloves (or 10 cloves), smashed into paste

  • Optional: 2 tablespoons chopped parsley leaves, pinch of dry chilli flakes


For the cold, pressed picnic sandwich

  • 1 round loaf crusty bread, 6-8 inch wide

  • 4–6 leaves of crunchy salad leaves (spinach will work fine instead)

  • 6 slices of turkey (can be substituted for ham, bacon or a vegan alternative)

  • 4–6 slices of Provolone cheese (Edam, Gouda or cheddar will do a good job too!)

  • 1–2 tomatoes, sliced

  • 6–8 slices of cucumber 

  • Salt & Pepper to taste

  • Optional: 4 tablespoons capers, drained




  1. In a small ball, using a spoon combine smashed Black Garlic cloves with mayonnaise, parsley and chilli flakes. Reserve for later.

  2. Slice through your loaf across and place both halves cut open side up (refer to images in the post). Remove most of the soft bread flesh from the inside leaving about ½ inch layer still attached to the crusty, outer skin. (You can use the soft part of your bread as bread crumbs in this recipe after drying and chopping it very finely.)

  3. Spread the black garlic mayo on both inside halves of your sandwich bread and scatter some capers over, if you fancy some.

  4. Layer both halves with some lettuce, turkey and cheese. Layer remaining vegetables on the bottom part of the sandwich and season generously with salt and pepper. Now flip the top part of your sandwich and cover the bottom part with it making sure that all fillers sit inside.

  5. Wrap you picnic sandwich in cling film and then in aluminum foil. Place it on a plate and then place another plate on the top with some weights on. (I used 4 unopened cans with beans.)

  6. Leave for at least 4 hours or overnight before unwrapping the sandwich  and slicing it into 6-8 triangle shaped pieces, like you would with a round cake, starting from a center. Now you can wrap it all back together or individually to take out for your picnic.

Black Garlic Illustration 2-01.png

Recipe by Justyna of Garlic Matters

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