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black garlic fudge


- 410g condensed milk

- 490g sugar

- 150g butter

- 2g vanilla

- 13 cloves of Black Garlic

- 25g glucose

- 12g charcoal powder

- Pinch of black sea salt

1. Blend garlic with condensed milk, charcoal, vanilla, salt.

2. Then place in a pot along with butter, sugar, glucose.

3. Whilst stirring constantly on a low heat bring to 115c with a thermometer.

4. Remove from the heat and beat until it thickens and loses its shine. This can be done with an electric mixer.

5. Add to a tin foil tray lightly greased then allow to set 2-4hrs depending on room temperature.


If you can wait long enough, the aroma and flavour will continue to develop!

sweet, intense and with an absolutely irresistible texture

Recipe by Chef JD Dunn @jaden.dunn

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