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As the largest manufacturer of Black Garlic in the UK, we take great pride in the quality of our operations which drives, what we believe to be, the premier Black Garlic product range in the market today.


Our founder discovered this wonder product in Asia in 2008 and we have continued to develop the sweet and savoury, umami flavour profile of the best Black Garlic you can source. Simply put, we are The Original Black Garlic.


Our range includes Black Garlic bulbs, peeled cloves and paste, available in formats to suit retail, hospitality, distribution and manufacturing. We can also support white label arrangements where own branded products are preferred and franchise options for non-UK markets. We’re open-minded, commercially flexible and always interested in novel opportunities to grow both our product availability for consumers and the sector.

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Nous sommes accrédités SALSA et Soil Association.

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