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Nous avons pris de l'ail blanc ordinaire et l'avons vieilli à la perfection pour vous donner des clous de girofle riches, sucrés et balsamiques.

Absolument rien ajouté!

Ingrédients: Ail vieilli (100%) - Sans conservateur

Nutrition: valeurs typiques pour 100 g: énergie 264 kcal / 1109 kj; Protéine 13,3 g; Glucides 53,3 g; dont sucres 26,6 g; Trace de graisses; dont sature Trace; Fibre 20,0 g; Trace de sodium; Trace de sel.

Produit au Royaume-Uni par Black Garlic UK Ltd.

Ampoule entière

  • Once opened, consume by best before end. Store in a cool, dark place.

    So you understand our product, Black Garlic has a very different look and feel to white garlic. Our cloves are soft and jelly baby like in texture and our bulb skins are dark and papery.

    Once aged, the flavour profile of Black Garlic is totally different to it's white counterpart, offering up a much more mellow taste with a deep umami flavour and tasting notes of molasses, tamarind, caramel and dates.

    Ingredients: Aged Garlic (100%) - Free from preservatives

    Nutrition: Typical Values per 100g: Energy 264kcal/1109kj; Protein 13.3g; Carbohydrate 53.3g; of which sugars 26.6g; Fats Trace; of which saturates Trace; Fibre 20.0g; Sodium Trace; Salt Trace.

    Produced in the UK by Black Garlic UK Ltd.

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