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The Original Black Garlic Goes Organic!

A limited edition, Organic version of our Original Black Garlic cloves pot is on shelves now at Planet Organic.

Demand for organic foods is growing and rightly so, at OBG we want everyone to have access to healthy, sustainably produced food.

This was the driver to work with Planet Organic to create this new addition to our Black Garlic range. It's made with only one ingredient, the best 100% organic raw garlic, and absolutely no additives or preservatives!

We then expertly age the organic garlic, using nothing but heat and humidity. The result is sticky and delicious Black Garlic, providing fantastic taste in cooking or a healthy, tasty snack.

The convenient peeled garlic tubs mean you can easily add them to any dish to enhance the flavour or eat direct from the pot!

We have held Soil Association certification and SALSA approval for some time, as we believe it is the most transparent way to show that we are producing our product to the highest standards, we also recently received Vegan certification for the entire Original Black Garlic range.

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